Sparky Thunderbolt

Sparky joined the Nacho Men in 1989, and he's never failed to heat up the stage with hot sax licks and steamy vocals. Sparky has been called a "sneak-up-from-behind-and-steal-the-show" dynamo!

Sparky was born at a very young age and conceived at an even younger age. He was given birth at a Rochester New York hospital so he could be close to his mother. Even as a child Sparky showed great promise as a musician. Sparky's third grade teacher Mr. Meanor at P.S.16 chose him for the lead role in the musical "Oklahoma. Technically, it was the role of the "lead horse" in the "Surry With The Fringe On Top" scene. Still, Sparky clomped with fiery rhythm and near perfect meter. His performance was flawless and the audience was convinced he was actually being whipped. Sparky, being modest, gave all of the credit to Mr. Meanor and the tireless way he donated his extra time to countless late-night rehearsal of the scene.

Since that time Sparky Thunderbolt has been in numerous bands that have toured all over the planet. Sparky has played many U.S.O. tours overseas to entertain our U.S. troops. He has played with or been on the same billing with such names as Bo Diddly, Tommy Two Tone, The Pointer Sisters, The Drifters, The Coasters, Little Richard, and The Doobie Brothers to name a few. Sparky is the Nacho Men's horn section arranger. In Sparky's copious spare moments he is a full time teacher in the Denver Public School district where he has been employed since 1992. Sparky is currently a candidate for a graduate degree in the Information and Learning Technology department at the University Of Colorado at Denver through the University's School of Education. What does Sparky do for fun? He sleeps, usually on the way to a gig or to work or school. Favorite color: Red like my eyes.

                                             Quote: "Imagine all the people living life in peace". (Lennon)

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