Dick D'amore

Name: Dick D’amore, aka Dicky Dee

Real Name: Erik Singer

Instruments: Trumpet, Keyboards, and Vocals

Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Daytime Occupation: Elementary School Vocal and Instrumental Music Teacher

I was born in Delaware, my family is from Boston, and I grew up in Wyoming. It’s a long story. Growing up in Cheyenne was great. I began playing the piano in third grade and the trumpet in fifth grade. I had many opportunities to perform as a child for community groups and local talent shows. I enjoyed entertaining from an early age.

After graduating from high school I attended the University of Northern Colorado for a degree in music education. It was a great opportunity to play with some great players from around the country. While there I was a member of the award winning Jazz Lab Band 1 for three years. The band backed up many of the jazz greats. I also played in the Milton Bearle and Red Skelton Orchestras. At the end of college I was chosen to play in the Disneyland All American College Band. The next year I was chosen as assistant director of the band. Two summers playing in Disneyland was another great playing experience.

I moved back to Colorado and began teaching music in 1987. I played in the pit orchestra for several musicals, and did some accompanying around town. In 1995 I had been playing with a Steely Dan tribute band when The Nacho Men called looking for a trumpet player. Since then I’ve been having a great time performing with this entertaining group of guys. It’s really great to be able to perform for such great crowds and always leave them having had a fun time.

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Contact Dick D'amore at dick@nachomen.com