Band Bios

History of the Nacho Men

The Nacho Men have rocked audiences for over three decades.

Formed in 1980, The Nacho Men have used their special blend of dance music, costume changes, choreography and side splitting humor to keep all generations of fans coming back for their high energy interactive rock and roll show. The Nacho Men can do it all - street corner a capella, 50's, '60's, 70's and 80's music, Swing and Disco.

Throughout their thirty-year history, The Nacho Men have perfected a repertoire that will fit absolutely ANY occasion. From the moment they step on stage until their crowd raising grand finale, The Nacho Men wow you with their stylish delivery, their rocking backbeat, solid rhythm, sizzling hot horn section, and of course, their tuxedos by Salvation Armani. Whatever the occasion, you'll want to jump up and dance when you hear The Nacho Men. However, remember to keep a close eye out for their wacky stage antics and their special guest superstar performers like "Sonny and Cher", "Buddy Holly", "Van Halen", "ABBA", "Barely Manilow" and "The Stones."

Some highlights of The Nacho Men's career include:

  • Singing for President George Bush and President Gerald Ford
  • Opening for Little Richard, The Temptations, Chuck Berry, The Doobie Brothers, The Coasters and many more
  • Appearing in radio and TV commercials for The Denver Post and ATT
  • Recording three fabulous CD's Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and community organizations

They continue to play to packed audiences and gain new fans throughout the United States and Europe
WE FINALLY SIGNED WITH COLUMBIA RECORDS(... hey, we get TEN CD's for the price of ONE !)

Dick D'amore

Born in Delaware, family is from Boston, grew up in Wyoming. It’s a long story. Dickie began playing the piano in third grade and the trumpet in fifth grade and has enjoyed entertaining from an early age.

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Motown Murphy

Pat “Motown” Murphy - aka “Mo” is one of the newest Chuck Taylor approved members of the Nacho Men family. This spirited entertainer brings with him a fascinating world of performing experience

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Sparky Thunderbolt

Sparky joined the Nacho Men in 1989, and he's never failed to heat up the stage with hot sax licks and steamy vocals. Sparky has been called a "sneak-up-from-behind-and-steal-the-show" dynamo!

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Tommy Watusi

Tommy's incredible rythm provides an amazing back beat that keeps audiences hopping and dancing all night long. You'll get a kick out of Tommy's world famous original dance "The Tommy Watusi"!

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Rockin Roy

Involved with music from the age of 7, road bands included Flyer, Strider, Bahama Mama, The Gravity Band to name a few. All of these bands became famous shortly after my departure... (just kidding)

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Animal is the newest addition to The Nacho Men and brings a refreshing renewed energy to the band.  Animal's powerful "rock" singing voice, jaw dropping guitar solos, and energetic dance moves are already making him an audience favorite.

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